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Unlock growth with access to international markets at no incremental cost 

The fastest growing and preferred acquisition channel for Indian Jewelry brands.

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10+ Indian Sellers already selling through OrnaHQ

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30 days to go live across 3 marketplaces in the US

Effort from Brand

None, Zero, Nada!

Problems Facing Indian D2C Brands

Based on extensive market research and after speaking to hundreds of D2C brands in India we have identified the most pressing problems hindering growth 

Scaling is cost & expertise prohibitive

The scale limits the ability of D2C brands to attract and retain the right technology and marketing talent.

Price Sensitive nature of Indian consumer

The Indian consumer by far is the most price sensitive in the world resulting in low AOV, customer loyalty and  LTV.

Access to New Customer Base

Expanding outside India is marred by legal & operational challenges but is a must given high CAC & low LTV in India

Value for Brand Partners

OrnaHQ offers comprehensive solution to all the above challenges faced by Indian D2C brands. We enable brands to fast-track their growth without making any additional investment in marketing, logistics, customer service and legal infrastructure. Additionally we equip brands with required design knowledge to resonate with global audience.rement.


We ensure a seamless shopping experience for consumers with our comprehensive logistics management, covering everything from efficient shipping from your warehouse, last mile delivery excellence, and hassle-free return management. With an extensive network of warehouses and reliable shipping partners, we guarantee timely and secure deliveries right to our customers resulting in customer delight.

Sales & Marketing

We're your partners in propelling brand success. Our expert team designs bespoke marketing strategies encompassing content, social media, affiliate, and performance marketing, ensuring your message resonates with your audience without you having to spend a penny. We give you access to over 15 sales channels taking care of product listings, pricing and promotion, amplifying your reach and driving engagement. With OrnaHQ, your brand's growth and visibility are at the heart of what we do.

Customer Service

We prioritize customer satisfaction with our unwavering commitment to customer service. Our dedicated team provides round-the-clock support, ensuring customer queries are addressed promptly. Customer delight is our goal, and we're here to assist our customers every step of the way. With OrnaHQ, experience customer service that goes beyond expectations.

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